Kit List

Children must come to TCG with the correct clothing, in order to help them to make the most of this wonderful outdoors’ environment.

TCG is very much within its natural surroundings and all of our children spend a great deal of time out of doors throughout the year. This is a core part of our ethos and means our staff and children experience, and learn to appreciate, the vagaries of nature - whether that be wind, rain, frost, snow or hot sun!

It is essential that children, especially those aged 28 months+ who are in our Walled Garden, or who attend our Small School, come dressed appropriately for the seasons. Quite simply our experience tells us that children who have the right clothing, as per our kit list, are happy and can make the most of any day and any weather. The opposite is also true.

For inside:

A pair of inside slippers (no laces please)

Age-appropriate warm 3-season sleeping bag if they sleep - we have mattresses (see Little Trekkers or Vango).


Layers. Layers and more layers!!

Base-layer: thermals (Merino wool from Mountain Warehouse/Go Outdoors are excellent value)

Next bottom layer: Fleece or other warm tracksuit bottom/fleece/joggers.

1st Top Layer: long sleeve T-shirt

2nd Top Layer (on cold days): fleece jumper (half-zip are good)

3rd Top Layer: fleece jacket (Monte are good and good value)

Final Layer: Warm waterproofs

TCG does have some Forest School suits available as a useful additional waterproof layer but they do NOT keep the children warm.


In cold weather, normal Wellie boots on their own + normal socks = cold feet in autumn and winter.

We recommend wellie socks and, unless it’s really wet, snow boots are generally warmer than wellies. JoJoMamanBebe or Little Trekkers have great snow boots (but not waterproof).

Wellies with liners (see Bogs, Spotty Otter, Crocs or Kamik).

5 pairs of thick, warm socks (some to be on peg as spares)


The best suggestion for keeping hands warm is thick waterproof ski gloves. If you have a child who is happy in that sort of glove then that is wonderful.

However many children struggle with the lack of freedom of movement in these sorts of gloves so a multi-pack of lighter weight gloves (try H&M?) works better - and then combined with fleece mittens on top for when it is cold.

Please note, gloves often get wet during fun play in the garden and woods so please ensure you have lots of spare pairs from October onwards.

Muddy Puddles do a great warm & waterproof glove.


A good hat is essential. Again, JoJoMamanBebe has lovely warm hats or Didrickson as well.


Sun protection hat (legionnaires hat with front peak & rear flap)

Cool, long, waterproof trousers

Cool, long trousers (better than shorts for stingers, insects etc)

Cool, long sleeved top (as above)

Cool, comfortable socks

Cool, sturdy shoes

A lightweight waterproof jacket

All clothing MUST be clearly labelled so if something is found staff know immediately which peg to place them on.

In a setting such as ours clothing does get dirty, wet etc. While

our staff do try and minimise this, it is usually a sign of a well-spent busy day no matter the weather!!

Children’s Boot Room*:

This is the large black wooden building inside the Walled Garden. Every child based in the Walled Garden will have their own peg/changing space here.

It has underfloor heating so will be ideal for drying out damp clothing overnight.

This is where parents bring their child in the morning to get changed into their outdoors clothes and also, at the end of the day, to drop off anything prior to leaving.

Brands and where to buy:

Good online retailers specialising in children’s outdoor clothing

are Little Trekkers and Little Adventure Shop.

Brands to consider are Regatta and Mountain Warehouse at the

more reasonable end with Trespass a good mid-price option and

then there are all the main outdoor brands which have children’s

options, but these are more expensive.

If you have any questions about clothing then do please ask a

relevant staff member.

Thank you.

You can download this kit list by clicking on the PDF file.