Kit List

Children’s Kit List

The Children’s Garden is very much within its natural surroundings and all of our children spend a great deal of time out of doors throughout the year. This is a core part of our ethos and means our staff and children experience, and learn to appreciate, the vagaries of nature - whether that be wind, rain, frost, snow or heatwave!

Having a good supply of appropriate clothing for your child helps them to make the most of this wonderful environment - especially once they are over 2 and spend a greater proportion of time outside or in our yurt and tipi. We promote outdoor sleeping for all our group.

A pair of inside slippers (no laces please)

Babies are barefoot inside as we have underfloor heating.

Bedding - sheet and blanket for Baby & Explorers group, if your child naps (to be taken home and washed weekly)

Bedding - insulated sleeping bag for winter temperatures for Walled Garden group, if your child naps

Dummies should be labelled and in a container

Nappies, wipes & cream (if needed)

Water bottle labelled clearly with your Child's name

Milk bottle and formula milk only (if needed), we provide full fat organic milk or dairy free alternative for Baby group

Comfort toy. Please be mindful of Covid restrictions. If your child really needs their toy then this must be washed DAILY.

At least 2 x changes of everyday clothing

Winter: 100% Waterproof, fleece lined jacket (waterproof Forest School - type salopettes & jacket)

Thermal vest, top, warm fleece

Thermal leggings/ tights 5 pairs of thick, warm socks (some to be on peg as spares)

Gloves - warm and weatherproof (For our Forest School Experience programme then waterproof thermal mitts + some sort of liner glove are essential) Thermal hat Fleece lined boots or wellies with wellie socks

Summer: Sun protection hat (legionnaires hat with front peak & rear flap)

Cool, long, waterproof trousers

Cool, long trousers (better than shorts for stingers, insects etc)

Cool, long sleeved top (as above)

Cool, comfortable socks

Cool, sturdy closed shoes

A lightweight waterproof jacket

All-in-one long-legged sun/water-suit

Water shoes

All clothing MUST be clearly labelled so if something is found staff know immediately which peg to place them on In a setting such as ours clothing does get dirty, wet etc. While our staff do try and minimise this, it is usually a sign of a well-spent busy day no matter the weather!!

Brands and where to buy: Good online retailers specialising in children’s outdoor clothing are Little Trekkers and Little Adventure Shop. Brands to consider are Regatta and Mountain Warehouse at the more reasonable end with Trespass a good mid-price option and then there are all the main outdoor brands which have children’s options, but these are more expensive. If you have any questions about clothing then do please ask a relevant staff member.

Thank you.

You can download this kit list by clicking on the PDF file.